What Are Re-creations ?

     Each handcrafted panel is constructed of lightweight materials containing natural sands famous to the southwest. Images are meticulously hand painted on each panel using the same type of mineral pigments the original artist used over a thousand years ago. Using these techniques produces a beautiful life-like re-creation. Pictographs were painted on the rock surface using minerals such as charcoal, hematite, gypsum and aragonite that were ground into a fine powder or pigment. This pigment was then mixed with a binder ( blood, egg yolk, milk, honey, or plant resins ) and a vehicle ( water, urine, plant juices, or animal oil ) to make paint. Using their fingers, animal hair, sticks or what ever was handy, the pigment was then applied to the rock surface by the prehistoric artists.   

     By using the same minerals as the Native Americans, a life-like re-creation of the original rock art panel is produced. And just in cause you were wondering, no blood or urine  is used in my re-creations, only a modern binder and vehicle ! The surface of the panel is sand from southern Utah which also enhances the authentic look of this re-creation. 
     Many of the figures with bug-eyes and head antenna appear mummy and ghostlike, or possible some sort of beings from “outer space”. Although we don’t know exactly what the Native Americas were depicting, a good guess would be shaman, clan or religious leaders in a ceremonial event. What do you think?

     Panels chosen for re-creation are located in Canyonlands National Park, the San Rafael Swell area, Grand Gulch and throughout Utah and the southwest and are available in sizes ranging from 12 x 12 x 1.5" to 48 x 72 x 6". Custom Sizes and shapes are available on request. Please contact me for more information.

     Please note that because each panel is individually handmade, it may vary slightly from the panel pictured and sizes are approximate.

     Thank you for your interest in my work.


If you visit rock art sites, please remember some are still considered sacred to many Native Americans. Also, vandalism has been a serious problem at many sites, once destroyed, these sites cannot be replaced.

Please Help Protect All Rock Art Sites From Vandalism.